我的大学英语作文 篇1

my past university

i want to talk about my past university—shan xi da tong university. it not only provided me learning environment, but also provided me social practice platform. that is to say, i am not only acquired basic knowledge but also learnt how to get along well with others in four years’ university life 。i missed these places mostly, library, student union and my dormitory. i used to study in library because it’s learning environment is very good and it has many kinds of books, but seats are limited; i took part in the student union when i was a freshman. i made more friends and actived in many extracurricular activities in union, but it often took a lot of time; i like my dormitory best. i shared my happiness and sorrows with my room-mates and i relaxed myself sufficiently in it. but the condition of my dormitory is poor. above all, university is my unforgettable place. i spent most of my extra-study time in library. generally speaking, it is a good study place. firstly, the atmosphere of study is strong, but sometimes someone would receive and make calls, which would impact others’ study. if it can provide a few of fountains, the library would be perfect. secondly, it has abundant of professional books, thus i can access to needed information timely when i encountered problems in study.

besides, there are also all kinds of magazine, so i can relax myself and expand my vision when i was tired of study《·》ing. but the limited time of borrowed books is short. last but not least, the seats are limited, which disturbed me very much. i had to go to the library line up very early just for seat. but the desks and chairs are big enough, which gave me much space to think and study and reduced the impact between students. the desks and chairs are tidy and comfortable. all in all, i like our library very much.

i took part in the student union when i was a freshman. i made many friends in union. i exchanged my idea with others. i enhanced my ability to communicate with others, but i fed up with some students in union because i don’t like their character; i took part in many activities in union, which enhanced my practice skills and accumulated a lot of social experience, but it occasionally made me embarrassed in activities; it took me a lot of time in union, which influenced my study. but at the same time, i eiched my college life and made full use of my spare time. all in all, i think it is worthy to join in the union.

i missed my dormitory and my room-mates. the reasons as follows: firstly, i shared my happinesses and sorrows with my room-mates.in dormitory we talked and sung loudly and we made on decision on something by absorbing everyone’s advice; but we inevitably had little contradictions sometimes. secondly, i relaxed myself sufficiently. i shout

big sleep when i was tired of one day’ study to alleviated fatigue and i freely vented myself. but thanks to personal habits are different, we didn’t reach on agreement on something. lastly, the most regrettable is that the condition of my dormitory is poor. the room is small and there is not bathroom; but i feel very warmly because it’s my another family. i missed my dormitory very much especially my room-mates.

generally speaking, my college life is interesting and rewarding. i was not only learnt basic professional knowledge but also made many friends and enhanced my practical skills. the library provided me a good learning environment. the union gave me practice platform. the dormitory made me become a happiness girl. i missed my past university very much. now, i am in a new university and i think i will spend a more meaningfull postgraduate life in there 。

我们的校园英语作文 篇2


the south campus in spring is really beautiful.


walk on the wide playground.everywhere are the lively figures and laughter of the children.we are like birds out of the cage,chasing after each other and playing games.


looking around the playground,the neat street trees look very lush in the spring,especially dazzling green.a gust of spring wind blows,the fresh green seems to nod as people salute,as if to tell everyone,"the plan of a year is spring,don't bear the infinite spring light".


the old teaching building in front of the playground is like a weather beaten old man.in the bright sunshine,he looks lively.through the tall building door,you can enter the teaching building.there are more than 30 classes,laboratories and teaching offices in this building.a class,the classroom will be heard the teacher's cadence of explanation,students lang lang reading sound.after school,it's very quiet the light in the teacher's office is still on.it seems to be racing with spring!banners and slogans can be seen everywhere in the corridor,like talking teachers,reminding us to be civilized students and study hard.


coming out of the teaching building,you will notice six big blackboards inlaid in front of you,learning from lei feng,greeting the olympic games,planting trees and loving trees,and spreading the breath of march.these are blackboards that we copied in our spare time after school.


after enjoying the blackboard newspaper,once you turn around,you will find two flower beds under your feet.although the flowers are not yet open,but come closer,you will find brand-new leaves green and green.it seems that you just opened your eyes for a winter's sleep and looked at all the teachers and students in the campus curiously.i think if there is a spring rain,flower beds will be colorful and fragrant.


this is the campus of spring.in such a campus,i will live up to this wonderful spring light,study hard,and become a pillar of the motherland in the future.

我的大学英语作文 篇3


everyone has a dream. it's what everyone wants. and he who has no dreams will live in vain. but dreams always change with the advance of thought.


when i begin to remember, i have a dream. "i wish i had money," the adult asked. "boy, that's a great dream. what are you going to do with the money?"" "i'm going to buy chocolates." "what if you have a lot of money?"" "i'm going to buy lots of chocolates", "what if you've got enough money?"" "i'll buy the chocolate factory."。" indeed, when we were young, we were innocent and innocent, with a good childlike innocence. happiness and happiness were a constant movement.


when i was young, i had a dream. i wish i could become a kite, float in the blue sky, and then fall slowly. at that time, i would like to play with my companions on the green grass, and often chase the blue sky and white clouds, so that the laughter will flow, and i will do all the colorful dreams all day long.


read, i have a dream. i want to have a basketball. when i hold basketball, i want a football. when i play football, volleyball is my pursuit again. another has a dream into reality, i believe in my dream is not far away, as long as childish play, the dream will be realized.


slowly into elementary school, high school, high school.。. the more you feel the pressure, and the illusion that you will not read, and that there are no happy notes.


when i am sensible, i have a dream. i hope i don't have a lot of homework to do every day. playing time is a bit deprived, and we are 40% of the day confined in the classroom, a lot of time to study. but in the face of learning, it is still a vague understanding.


as the saying goes "it", the understanding of things, from feudalism to capitalism, more and more feel right.


start up high, i have a dream, i hope i can become a top student, get a lot of awards; by his family back home to praise; can be sure by teachers at school; to stand head and shoulders above others performance among the classmates; to become a recognized good child in the eyes of everyone. but, gradually, i found that to achieve this dream and can't rely on to childish play. after that, i learned to struggle.


dream is like a seed, planted in the heart of the soil, although it is very small, but can take root and blossom, if there is no dream, just like living in the desolate gobi, deserted, lifeless. with a dream, there will be a pursuit, with the goal of struggle, with a dream, there is power. it will push people forward, perhaps in the realization of the dream of the road, will encounter numerous setbacks, but it does not matter, fall, climb up, for their dreams and progress, after all, the future is created by themselves.